Apple iPhone Alarm Clock DST Bug Hits Europe

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It appears a bug in the iPhone's latest 4.1 iOS didn't change for daylight savings time in Europe over the weekend, causing alarm clocks to go off an hour later than they needed to be.

Social media sites such as Twitter were filled with messages this morning from angry iPhone users. "Looks like Apple messed up big time," said one Twitter user named Matt Bland.

Engadget noted that a similar bug occurred in Australia few weeks ago. ZDNet Australia, meanwhile, reported that Apple acknowledged the bug and promised a fix.

Daylight savings goes into effect this weekend in North America and there's no word on Apple's Web site whether the problem will be fixed by then.

Conflicting reports by users indicate that deleting and re-adding alarms will fix the issue. Meanwhile, one Twitter user, @diveintomark, joked that the bug isn't Apple's fault at all. "The iPhone alarm clock is fine. You're just sleeping wrong.

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