Best Buy To Guarantee PC, TV, Smartphone Buy Back Prices

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Best Buy plans to announce a new buy-back program for TVs, mobile phones, laptops, netbooks and tablets with a commercial during the Super Bowl, according to CEO Brian Dunn.

The Best Buy Buy Back Program guarantees that Best Buy will repurchase products for a pre-set price, depending on when you bought it, for up to two years for phones and PCs and four years for TVs, Dunn wrote in an e-mail to Best Buy Reward Zone members.

The Super Bowl commercial will feature Justin Bieber, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne and other stars, Dunn wrote.

"Buy Back is essentially 'future-proofing' your technology. You purchase the technology you want today, and we'll buy it back at a set price when you're ready to upgrade to something new," Dunn wrote. " You'll know upfront what your gear will be worth, and you can conveniently redeem your Buy Back at our stores and immediately receive a Best Buy Gift Card."

The Buy Back must be purchased "at a variety of prices" but a Web page explaining the program did not detail the charges.

An online calculator tells users how much they can get back: 50 percent for purchases up to 6 months old; 40 percent for purchases up to 12 months old; 30 percent for purchases up to 18 months old; 20 percent for purchases up to 24 months old, and 10 percent for TVs up to 48 months old.

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