Report: Apple iPad Dominates Android In Tablet Traffic

Despite the growing number of Android tablets on the market, the iPad was the clear winner among tablet PCs, accounting for more than 89 percent of tablet traffic in the 13 countries ComScore evaluated in the report, which covers online traffic trends for the month of May.

In Canada, iPad traffic made up 33.5 percent of the non-computer device traffic in the country, compared to 0.4 percent for Android tablets. In Brazil, iPad traffic comprised 31.8 percent of non-computer device traffic, while Android tablets accounted for 1.6 percent. In Singapore, iPads accounted for 26.2 percent of non-computer device traffic compared to 1.4 percent for Android.

But while the iPad is running away from Android tablets in terms of tablet traffic, ComScore's smartphone traffic data shows that things are much different when it comes to traffic to smartphone.

In the U.S., Android smartphones are responsible for 35.6 percent of the non-computer device traffic, while the iPhone generates 23.5 percent of the traffic, according to ComScore's May figures.Other countries where Apple’s smartphone web traffic is losing out to Android are Argentina and India.

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But even in the smartphone space, the iPhone is outpacing Android device traffic by a wide margin. In Singapore and Australia, the iPhone accounted for roughly 50 percent of non-computer device traffic, while Android smartphones accounted for roughly 10 percent.