Microsoft WPC: All-In-One PCs Ready For A Revival?

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"All-in-ones in the past were really just big laptops," Samborski said. "We couldn't get them with the features customers wanted, and they were hard to configure."

The new crop of all-in-one PCs is different. "This is the first time lower-end companies can take advantage of opportunities without the need to call an ODM in Taiwan to order two containers," he said. "Companies like us don't have that big a run rate."

The latest all-in-one PCs are hitting the market just in time, Samborski said. "This market has been wide open since the collapse of MPC (in 2009), especially the government business," he said.

The new all-in-ones will go a long way towards rejuvenating the desktop PC business, Toste said. "They will enable new applications, and provide new home solutions," he said.


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