CRN Podcast: Tablets Vs. PCs -- Can They Coexist?

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As tablet sales continue to grow, so do concerns that the new mobile device will cannibalize notebooks and netbooks and eclipse the traditional PC.

J.P. Morgan Securities recently forecasted the worldwide tablet market will reach $35 billion by 2012 and put a sizeable dent into the traditional PC market, especially notebooks and netbooks. Meanwhile, Gartner recently predicted tablet unit sales to reach nearly 300 million and said it expects Apple to continue dominating the market for the next five years.

A stampede of tablet models has flooded the market ever since Apple introduced the iPad in April of last year. Computer manufacturers like HP, Dell, and Samsung have joined the ranks of smartphone makers like Research In Motion, Motorola, and HTC in the quest to build a strong iPad alternative. Some companies such as Cisco and Lenovo have built enterprise-class tablets in hopes of appealing more to business users.

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Are tablets actually eclipsing PCs? How do tablets match up against traditional notebooks? And what should Apple competitors do to make a better device than the iPad? CRN editors Rob Wright, Jennifer Follett and Andrew Hickey discuss those questions and more in the latest CRN Podcast episode.

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