CRN Podcast: HP's Bradley Makes Bid To Spin Off PC Business

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Todd Bradley wants HP to spin off its Personal Systems Group, and he wants the board of directors to give him the keys to the new company.

In an exclusive interview with CRN, Bradley said he's actively encouraging the board to spin off the PC business as a new public company rather than selling the unit to another vendor. Bradley, who's helmed PSG for six years, believes that the best option for HP partners is for the PC business to be split off as an independent stand-alone company, and he believes that he's the best man for the job.

But what do HP's board and CEO Leo Apotheker think? Are the chances that HP will sell PSG to another vendor increasing or decreasing as time goes on? What is HP's strategy going forward? And what does the vendor's decision regarding PSG say about the health and viability of the PC industry today?

CRN editors Rob Wright and Jennifer Follett discuss those questions and more as they look ahead to the future of PSG and look back at the last decade of HP on the 10th anniversary of the historic Compaq merger.

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