HP Partners Welcome Decision To Keep PC Business

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Convery said he looks forward to HP's PSG sales remaining a part of the vendor's Partner One channel program.

"We can leverage PC sales with Partner One," he said. "This gives us the ability to talk to customers about everything from the cloud and the data center to the desktop. It's to HP's advantage to keep the mothership intact."

The decision to keep PSG shows that Whitman has taken a leadership role at HP, Convery said. "This shows she's not hesitating," he said. "It's a good sign of her leadership."

During an analyst conference call following Ingram Micro's third-quarter financial report, CEO Greg Spierkel called HP's decision a big positive for the industry and channel.

"We just were talking about it before coming on to the call," Spierkel said. "It was somewhat anticipated. We've had discussions with a few senior people in both Europe and North America in the last few weeks. All the body language was that it was likely to stay. Most people we're saying that it's a good thing for them internally.

Ingram Micro has so many intertwined systems, programs, and initiatives with HP ranging from print to servers to the PSG division that a pullout from the PC business would have lead to major transition issues for the industry, Spierkel said.

"But now going forward, it's business as usual there, subject to any changes a new CEO might bring," he said. "We're pleased. [Shedding PSG] was something that would probably have been a challenge a few quarters out when changes did take place, but at this stage it's all water under the bridge now."

By keeping PSG, HP is also keeping its valuable supply chain intact, which solution providers called crucial to the vendor.

The move makes sense from a volume and supply chain perspective, Baldwin said. "Why give up something when you're number one at it," he said.

The supply chain question was an important issue, Baldwin said. "I was concerned about HP's supply chain and how it would impact costs," he said. "So this is good news. HP will have the best cost structure by keeping its supply chain intact."

Convery pointed to the ongoing floods in Thailand which are wreaking havoc on the hard drive industry as an example of the importance to HP to have a large, intact supply chain.

"Just look at the hard drive shortage," he said. "HP has the clout to survive it. If there's a shortage, who has the biggest stick? HP can deliver on its supply chain advantage."

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