HP Partners Welcome Decision To Keep PC Business

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The last couple months of indecision on HP's part about PSG is expected to blow over quickly with no lasting impact on customers or partners, solution providers said.

How customers view HP depends on the value and solutions the vendors provide them, Convery said.

"HP is still the only manufacturer with an end-to-end solution," he said. "Customers understand that. Between its products and R&D, HP is in a good position."

Chernick said his company didn't lose any customers because of HP's considering of strategic alternatives for PSG, and that any drop in PC sales was more a factor of declining budgets than anything else.

"But for net new business, we had been trying to get customers to switch to HP," he said. "That had been on hold. It's still salvageable. Now I'll be calling them, singing my song and trying to get them down to HP's customer service center in Houston."

Getting new business for HP ultimately depends on pricing and programs, especially after the confusion about PSG, Chernick said.

"We'll see what's HP's next move for PSG," he said. "What will they do to make it attractive to customers, what marketing programs will they put in place to get us more excited about recommitting to them?"

Customers are still loyal to HP, Baldwin said. "I don't know that the desktop business is so great that the last couple months would cause customers to jump ship," he said.

Steve Burke, Scott Campbell, and Chad Berndtson contributed to this article.


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