Adobe Plugs Security Holes In Flash

The patches, released Thursday, correct three critical vulnerabilities: a memory corruption, buffer overflow and stack overflow. The update is for the latest version of Flash Player 11.1 an earlier.

Adobe also released a security update for Air 3.0 running on Windows PCs, Macs and Android. The fix corrects similar vulnerabilities. AIR, or Adobe Integrated Runtime, is a cross-platform environment for running Internet applications on a desktop or mobile device.

Adobe said Tuesday that in place of developing the Flash Player browser plug-in for mobile devices, it would turn to HTML 5.

The latest version of the Internet markup language plays multimedia using less power on a mobile device than Flash. Adobe and Apple had a longstanding feud over the value of Flash on mobile devices. Apple refused to support mobile Flash in the iPhone and iPad, saying it was a power hog.

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Adobe said Flash Player 11.1 would be the last mobile version. The company planned to continue distributing bug and security fixes. The announcement was part of a bigger disclosure that the company was restructuring to focus on digital media and marketing products. The changes would lead to 750 employees losing their jobs in the U.S. and Europe.