Obama: Government Agencies Have One Year To Deploy Smartphone-Friendly Services

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One of these new business opportunities will be awarded to the channel. As government agencies strive to build out new mobile strategies, many of them need to make sure they have in place a robust wireless network to support them, explained Kyle Yost, a partner at En-Net Services, a Frederick, Maryland-based solution provider that specializes in the public sector.

"We do wireless networking, and this is certainly going to enhance or spur agencies to install or upgrade their wireless network," Yost told CRN.

In addition to building out wireless infrastructures robust enough to support the "Digital Government" initiative, solution providers face an opportunity to step in and establish the security measures needed to move forward with the plan risk-free.

"It sounds like you are going to have a million different types of devices that are going to need to connect to the network, and the wireless networks are going to need to handle this, all while being secure," Yost said. Bob Venero, president and CEO of Future Tech Enterprises, a solution provider based in Holbrook, New York, agreed that Obama’s new initiative opens up new doors for the channel.

"I applaud the direction that Obama is taking around the mobile app initiative," Venero told CRN. But he also said that, without the proper guidelines in place, it’s a move that could blow up into a massive security breach of personal information including social security numbers and tax records. "[You] have to be very careful about what you’re going to do, how you’re going to do it," he continued.

Ultimately, though, this risk could be good news for the channel, as it demands the involvement of enterprise security experts who can help steer agencies down the right path.

"There absolutely is an opportunity for companies like Future Tech to help give guidance around the mobile app space," he said. "And, in my opinion, what he [Obama] should do is put together a group of folks that are non-government that can help build out and provision and help give guidance around what should be done."

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