Lenovo Announces IdeaTab S2109 Tablet

Lenovo launched Wednesday a new Android 4.0-based tablet, the IdeaTab S2109, targeted at the consumer and creative professionals market.

According to the PC maker, the new IdeaTab S2100 infuses a "healthy dose of swagger" to its overall tablet line, with a curved unibody design measuring one-third of an inch. The new gadget measures 9.7 inches and weighs 1.27 pounds, beating out the new iPad and iPad 2 in terms of lightness, which weigh in 1.44 pounds and 1.33 pounds, respectively.

On the inside, Lenovo’s next-gen IdeaTab runs on a Texas Instruments OMAP 4430 dual-core CPU and touts 1 GB of memory.

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Like most of the company’s Idea-branded products, the IdeaTab S2109 is being aimed more at the consumer rather than the commercial market. It’s designed primarily to offer a more rich entertainment and multimedia experience for the user, with specs including an extra-bright IPS display, 720-pixel HD playback and quad speakers with dual bass.

"The tablet’s Ice Cream Sandwich OS and amped-up features give consumers something that will keep them conveniently entertained anywhere, anytime, in an incredibly slim package -- whether they’re consuming or sharing their favorite websites, books, videos or music," said Yao Li, director of Innovation Product Operations at Lenovo. "It’s as nimble and convenient as toting a magazine, but it offers much more than the contents of one."

Despite its heavily "consumerized" feel, the IdeaTab S2109 offers users access to both Google’s Android Market and Lenovo’s own home-grown app store, which offers enterprise-specific apps compatible with Android releases 3.1 and higher. The App Shop comes equipped with an App Shop Manager that allows enterprise IT teams to distribute, manage and oversee all applications running on end-user devices.

In its fourth-quarter earnings release, Lenovo said its overall tablet sales -- from both its ThinkPad and IdeaTab lines -- were up 17.2 percent year-over-year, making it the number two largest tablet maker in China and the number four largest world-wide.

The IdeaTab S2109 will be available in early June, starting at $349.