Partners: BlackBerry 10 Delay Could Be 'Lethal' For RIM

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CelPro Associates’ Kantorowitz sells both BlackBerry hardware and offers technical support and services centered around BES. Business is still being generated from both models, and Kantorowitz said he has actually noticed a spike in the number of technical support renewals from his BES clients over the past year.

As the head of a big BlackBerry shop, he also said he will continue to value his partnership with RIM, despite the wave of reports and speculation regarding its future.

"A lot of people who have worked with RIM are rooting for them. They have always been good to the people who sell their product," Kantorowitz said. "Unlike Apple, who nickel and dime and make it a privilege to allow you to sell it, RIM recognizes that their partners have been with them from the very beginning. We’re loyal to them, they’re loyal to us, and they’ve always allowed us to make a profit."


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