Apple: Mountain Lion Hits A Record 3 Million Downloads

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Tech Superpowers' Oh said this new iCloud feature presents the biggest opportunity for Apple partners to step in and help clients get up and running with Mountain Lion in the enterprise. Namely, Oh sees an opportunity to educate clients about the inherent security risks of iCloud, as it is primarily a consumer-oriented solution.

"IT providers like us need to take that proactive educational role and say iCloud is not the end all be all for [enterprise file sharing]," Oh said.

Though many of the 3 million Mountain Lion downloads were most likely made by consumers, the new OS will inevitably make its way into the enterprise as part of the consumerization of IT, Oh noted. At this point, his role educating clients about the security limitations of iCloud will become more and more important.

"When new OSes come out, we have to deal with sort of the ripples in the pond that happen from there," he told CRN.

Though iCloud may be more of a consumer-focused tool, Oh did say that Apple’s inclusion of its Gatekeeper technology within Mountain Lion is a sign that the company is embracing a more enterprise-ready line of thinking. Gatekeeper protects users from downloading and installing malicious apps on their Macs by blocking files created by malware developers.

"We are certainly seeing that they are engaging more in [enterprise security], and we certainly welcome Apple to participate more in the discussion," Oh said. "But, there is still a lot of work to be done."

Apple also made its first appearance at the security-focused Black Hat conference last week, in what many viewed as another move to broaden its enterprise play.


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