Citrix Is 'Going Mobile,' Opens XenDesktop 7, XenMobile To Any Device

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Citrix's focus on going mobile stems from a number of key industry trends, including consumerization and the "bring-your-own-everything" movement, the new generation of business users who have grown up in a digital world, and the disruptions businesses face from teleworking, global expansion, off-shoring, reorganizations, and mergers and acquisitions, Citrix's Templeton said.

"These are disruptive," he said. "You need a strategy."

These kinds of strategies CIOs are using are contributing to the disruption, Templeton said.

For instance, the corporate strategy of one CIO Templeton said he talked to recently was summed up as DOS, or "Don't Own Stuff." Another CIO called his company's corporate strategy MAC, or "Move, Add and Change" to reflect the need for a flexible architecture.

"We believe there is one big strategy that ties this together: going mobile," he said.

Templeton drew his first loud round of applause with his introduction of the new Citrix XenDesktop 7, a new solution that unifies Microsoft Windows-based applications and desktops and delivers them as a service to any mobile device including iOS, Android, and Windows 8 tablet PCs and smartphones.

Citrix XenDesktop 7 was designed with simplicity in mind, with one single package to download, which can be installed in under 20 minutes with only eight mouse clicks, Templeton said.

It has only two consoles, the XenDesktop Studio for designing and building applications and the XenDesktop Director for monitoring and support.

Mary Thulen, licensing and renewal specialist at Sirius, said she was impressed at how quickly XenDesktop 7 can be installed.

"It seems there are a lot of things that can be done with one step," Thulen said. "A lot of customers have older versions of the applications. If we can get them to a new state quickly and they are then ready to go after that, great."

XenDesktop 7 has three primary manual tasks that need to be done only once, including workload provisioning, bulk application publishing and Windows application migration. Templeton said the solution can analyze a business' current applications and identify the applications that can be immediately migrated to XenDesktop 7 and those that need remediation before they are migrated.

Citrix XenDesktop 7 features the company's new HDX Mobile technology, which enables any Windows application to function intuitively and transparently on mobile devices.

HDX Mobile allows high-definition video to run on mobile devices even over 3G networks and offers a 100-percent boost in WAN efficiency. More important, Templeton said, is the support offered for native mobile device features such as smooth scrolling, gesturing, pop-up keyboards, GPS, sensors and cameras.

Also new is the HDX Mobile SDK (solution developers kit), which can be used to add a mobile front-end to existing Windows applications hosted on XenDesktop and XenApp. It automatically adjusts the user interface for whatever iOS, Android or Windows mobile device the user is using, Templeton said.

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