Apple Partner Faith Remains High Despite Tougher Competition

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Despite a major stock price decline and aggressive competition from Samsung, Apple is still dominating the technology industry, partners say.

Apple-authorized resellers and consultants are buzzing after several new product introductions at the company's 2013 Worldwide Developer Conference last week. While the event lacked any details about new iPhone or iPad devices, the company did introduce the highly anticipated iOS 7 operating system and other new products and services, including the eye-catching new Mac Pro desktop.

Apple had come under fire earlier this year after a precipitous drop in stock value amid questions about the company's direction under CEO Tim Cook, who took over for the late Steve Jobs, but has been criticized of late as pressure mounts for Apple to release its next market-defining wonder.

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But the consensus from partners is that Apple still has its A-game going, despite Android's continued worldwide growth spurt and notable market share gains by Samsung in the smartphone and tablet sectors.

Specifically, Apple partners say the refinement and maturation of the company's iOS mobile platform will help Apple continue its expansion into the commercial market even without new hardware (Apple, for example, reported during its second quarter earnings that the iPad is now used in 95 percent of Fortune 500 firms).

Ben Greisler, president of Kadimac in Exton, Pa., said he's excited about iOS 7 and the new Mac Pro and that the lack of news about new iPhone and iPad hardware doesn't bother him. "That's not really going to have an effect on us," Greisler said. "I think iOS adoption will continue to be huge. New devices will always drive sales for Apple, but it's the ease of use and lack of hassle that keeps customers happy."

Jerry Zigmont, owner of MacWorks, an Apple consultant based in Madison, Conn., also praised the new products announced at WWDC this week. "There was a lot of great stuff announced at WWDC," Zigmont said. "I think Apple's still in a great position."

Brian Hanson, a consultant at Boston-based Apple partner TechTonic, believes Apple will continue to thrive in the mobile device market because the company understands mobility. "Apple's really pushing longer battery life and energy efficiency, and I think their roadmap indicates they think everything soon is going to be mobile, including workstations like the new Mac Pro," he said. "I think it's a pretty clear statement from Apple, which is using a lot of smaller, mobile components to make their desktops."


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