Partners: Surface Pro's 4-Hour Battery Life Is A Deal Breaker

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David Powell, vice president of managed services for TekLinks, a fast growing Homewood, Ala., managed services provider that partners with Microsoft, said Microsoft puts food on his table, but he wouldn't give up his iPad or MacBook Pro for a Surface Pro with 4-hour battery life.

"Four hours is just not long enough," he said. "We hold meetings that are longer than four hours. I have layovers at airports that are longer than four hours. I don't want to be the guy standing in line to use the one plug at the airport."

Powell, a longtime iPhone and iPad user, said Apple's iPad ecosystem is a much more elegant solution that syncs up all his music and content. "I am way down the road with Apple," said Powell. "The ecosystem, with all my devices synced, is enough to keep me there. Apple makes it easy."

Tyler Dikman, the CEO of CoolTronics, a Tampa, Fla., solution provider, said Surface Pro's 4-hour battery life is just not good enough.

"Four-hour battery life on Surface Pro is not a good step forward for a flagship product, especially when every other product out there in this space has double, if not more, battery life," said Dikman. "When you have a limited battery life, you significantly limit your use case options. If you are a road warrior or a doctor on the go, four hours is not going to cut it. These guys are not going to plug in their tablet every time they need to use it. They need something that lasts all day long."

Dikman, for his own personal use, prefers an iPad. "For me an iPad is great," he said. "I don't have to worry about battery life. I may have to charge it once or twice a week."


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