Lenovo Goes Small With New 'Tiny' ThinkCentre PC

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In the desktop PC market, sometimes bigger isn't always better.

Lenovo this week introduced a new round of ThinkCentre desktop models, including the "Tiny" ThinkCentre M93p mini-PC.

The traditional model of large, bulky desktop towers is evolving to smaller profiles, according to Victor Rios, vice president and general manager for Think Desktop, workstations and visuals at Lenovo.


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"We're excited about the evolution of the desktop," said Rios. "When looking at a traditional desktop, the tower is fairly large, and with desktop miniaturization, it's small but still powerful."

Rob Robinson, vice president of Computer Upgrade King, a Lenovo partner based in Midlothian, Va., said the move from regular desktop PCs to mini-PCs is due to the smaller form factors' attractive offerings such as lower costs and convenience.

"The move from regular PCs to mini-PCs is based on affordability, taking less space and less energy consumption," said Robinson. "An accounting firm bought 200 [Lenovo mini-PCs] from us in the last month, so rather than stocking a firm with traditional sized desktops, there's more of a move toward portability."

In order to save space, Lenovo developed the "Tiny" ThinkCentre M93p, a small form factor system desktop PC. The mini-PC measures no wider than a golf ball at 34.5 mm, or about 1.36 inches, and comes equipped with Intel Core i7 processors with Intel vPro technology and can host up to 16 GB of RAM.

There is the option of a solid-state hybrid drive (SSHD) to boost system performance. A larger Small Form Factor Pro version features dual graphics and dual hard disk drive support, offering the expandability and functionality of a mid-tower at half the size, said Rios.

There are advantages of desktop miniaturization, Rios said. Unlike traditional tall towers, the M93p can be conveniently mounted to save space.

"Miniaturization puts desktop power and performance in unique areas you could never put computers before," said Rios. "Whether it's mounted behind walls or in desk drawers, it enables our customers to have the power of the desktop and put it into discreet places."

The M93p also comes equipped with Lenovo's patented "Smart Power On" capability, which allows a user to power a desktop straight from a wired or wireless keyboard.

In addition to the M93p, Lenovo also unveiled two other desktop models: the ThinkCentre M93z all-in-one desktop and M83 Enterprise desktop tower.

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