Client Device Of The Future: Vendor And VAR Insights

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The common thread among vendors and VARs seems to be the intention to target an end user's need and create world-class devices and solutions that will meet that need. BYOD, the trend in which employees choose what mobile device they use for company purposes, is a broad example of how the end user's needs and desires are of utmost importance to the manufacturer.

According to Rick Jordan, director of Sales and Strategic Alliances at Tenet Computer Group, a Toronto-based solution provider, BYOD is a driving factor in mobility evolution. Despite all of the concerns around security, Jordan said manufacturers are embracing BYOD and creating opportunities for flexibility among mobile devices in the enterprise.

"BYOD is here to stay. Once manufacturers have all of the checks and balances and policies in place, companies will continue to feel more comfortable qualifying multiple devices to access its network," Jordan said. "The most important thing is to know what is happening to the data." Jordan said he sees security advancing quickly in preparation for the continued evolution of personalized mobility practices.

According to Langan, the device of the future is more than a piece of hardware. The device of the future depends on what solutions are wrapped around that device, what that device can accomplish for users or help users accomplish for themselves.

"You have to start off with a great device, but you have to do a lot more," Langan said. "You have to answer the 'Now What' questions."

As described by these vendors and VARs, mobility is moving full speed ahead. The "one-size-fits-all" mentality no longer applies to a world where the population of mobile device users is on the rise. The mobile device of the future is, in many cases, public, tailored in form and, above all, evolving into a secure solution that will be exactly what the end user wants.



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