Dell Drops Windows RT XPS 10 Tablet

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Dell dumped its XPS 10 tablet models running Windows 8 RT from its product catalog just days after Microsoft unveiled its revamped version of the RT operating system and beefed-up Office 2013 RT software. The move leaves Microsoft as the only vendor selling ARM-based Windows RT OS devices.

Dell updated its website Wednesday, listing the XPS 10 tablets as "unavailable" and promoting instead a Latitude 10 tablet that runs the Windows 8 operating system. Windows 8 tablets offer full access to the Windows desktop along with Microsoft's touch-friendly modern UI.

In July Lenovo removed Windows RT tablets from its product lineup following similar moves by Asus and Samsung. While shunning Windows RT, Asus, Lenovo and Samsung have favored Windows 8 and Android tablets. All three companies have touted Windows 8.1 hybrid notebook/tablets with Intel chips expected to be released later this year.

Critics have pointed out that Windows RT and Surface RT tablets are crippled because they can only run Microsoft apps. Microsoft has been working hard to increase the number of apps, which now stands at 100,000. But the catalog lacks popular and new titles available on iPad and Android tablets.

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Still other critics have said that Windows RT is a good fit for companies that want to customize and lock down a Windows-based tablet that can run Office.

Dell is scheduled to hold a press event in New York Oct. 2 where it's expected to unveil new tablets. The company would not reveal whether new Windows RT 8.1 tablets would be part of the announcement. In a statement regarding questions about its XPS 10 tablet Dell said: "We're going to be announcing our full tablet portfolio at the event in New York next week and will be providing full details then."


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