Motorola Unveils Slew Of New Tech, Vows To 'Keep Pace' With Enterprise Demand

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In particular, Motorola's Issberner noted that Android and "to some extent iOS" have matched and surpassed Microsoft's mobile platforms in the enterprise. The key is for devices and the applications on them to move fluidly from one version of its operating system to an updated version almost immediately.

"We had to think hard about how to keep on that advanced technology treadmill. [End users] want the latest [operating system], and our partners have struggled with that," Issberner said.

Issberner said it is the end users who are demanding near-instant gratification when accessing apps and features on their work-based mobile devices, but it is in the hands of the vendor to ensure the devices are able to keep up.

Referring to the vendor's responsibility, Issberner said, "We have made a commitment to partners. We will keep pace."

PUBLISHED Oct. 1, 2013

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