HP Launches Enterprise Mobile Software Partner Program

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Hewlett-Packard is upping its partner software game with the launch of a new program for its HP Anywhere and HP Access Catalog enterprise mobile software products.

The new HP Anywhere Partner Program provides partners with enterprise mobility software resources,including training, certifications, and HP sales and marketing tools.

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Jon Furner, CEO of Results Positive, a Phoenix-based HP platinum enterprise partner that has been recognized for delivering innovative mobile solutions, said his company expects to see HP mobility software sales and services grow from 20 percent to 30 percent this year as a result of the HP Anywhere partnership. He said HP's outstanding software products along with Results Positive services and development efforts are delivering a big, competitive advantage and high customer satisfaction. 

"We are seen as a leader in mobile services as a result of the HP partnership," he said. "That's our key differentiator."

HP's Anywhere product provides best-in-class cross-platform development, mobile testing and access catalog, said Furner.

HP's recent acquisition of Shunra, which enables mobile software testing on 3G and 4G networks, is also a big differentiator, said Furner. "That's a really big deal in the mobile space," he said. "This is the leading tool for testing performance across a carrier network before you release it. People often forget that when you add twice as many users on a network what the performance will look like. That is key. If you don't have a sexy UI [user interface] and the app is not performing, people are going to stop using your app."

Avnet Technology Solutions, a $10.36 billion technology distributor partnering with HP on a number of enterprise solutions, also is teaming with HP on the HP Anywhere program.

Genefa Murphy, senior director of go to market strategy, Enterprise Mobility, HP Software Group, said the new program is a breakout opportunity for partners with proven enterprise mobility expertise to capture an astronomical market opportunity.

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