Partners Eager For Apple's iOS 8, HD Audio And iWatch At Upcoming WWDC; Apple Confirms Beats Acquisition

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Partners believe that Apple’s acquisition of Beats Electronics alone is a sign that an Apple wearable is coming. The Cupertino, Calif.-based corporation traditionally only announces software at WWDC, but De Arriz said he "would not be surprised if Apple announced the iWatch at this event."

De Arriz said the Apple smartwatch could be done and ready to go and would be announced at WWDC before it is released this fall, not only to build an interest in the product, but also to give app developers time to prepare for it.

This would not be the first time Apple announced a mobile device so far in advance of its release. The first iPhone was announced Jan. 9, 2007, almost six full months before its release on June 29 of the same year.

"One of the interesting things about the watch is that [it] doesn't have an established market currently, and there is no competition because the other smartwatches are not selling anyway,” De Arriz said. “It doesn’t really matter when they start shipping the iWatch; it matters when they announce it because people will start planning for it. I think, in the very least, we'll get an announcement on back-end technology for wearables.”

A smartwatch announcement would be the first new line of hardware Apple has unveiled since the passing of former Apple CEO Steve Jobs in 2011.

Grosfield believes that with wearables possibly coming down the pike, Apple will announce software for it at WWDC.

"It would be surprising if we don't see enhancements in apps for the segment in the market for wearable technology,” said Grosfield. "We've all heard rumors about the Apple smartwatch, so Apple Maps being user-friendly and more accurate would go a long way."

The release of Apple's Maps app with iOS 6 in 2012 left a black eye to the company due to bugs and inaccuracies with the product. Apple CEO Tim Cook was forced to embarrassingly urge consumers to use a product of its competitor, Google Maps.

Partners expect Apple to right their wrongs this Monday, and release a new version of Apple Maps that is accurate, user-friendly and able to compete with Google Maps.

Along with Apple Maps, partners believe health and fitness apps could be announced as well, and would be featured primarily in wearables. The health-care app would chart heart rate, calories burned, activity, and more. The rumors of a health app lend more credence to the belief that Apple is prepared to announce a wearable device whether it is a band or smartwatch.

Outside of applications, partners are excited about iOS 8 features and user interface improvements. Partners see one of the top features in iPad being multitasking and app screen sharing.

"I expect to see implementation that is more elegant, more user-friendly and preserve things like battery life and that user experience,” said Grossman. “Some of the multitasking in Android and Windows is dependent on the apps to be rewritten to support multitasking. I expect Apple to allow all applications to support multitasking.”

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