Partners Stay Cool As Apple iPhone 6 Delay Rumors Heat Up

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The Apple iPhone 6 delay rumor mill kept gaining steam this week, but Apple partners remain unfazed.

The report that has been buzzing through social networks and various media outlets said the release of the large-screen version of the iPhone 6, expected to measure 5.5 inches and battle the Samsung Galaxy line, will be delayed to as late as 2015 due to complications with the touch-screen panel and “color unevenness” on the metal casing, according to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, as reported by AppleInsider.

The same report also said that the new iPhone “won’t pass the drop test” with its sapphire front panel, which would add to the delay.

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This is not the first report of an iPhone 6 delay to generate some buzz, as the Taiwanese news site Commercial Times reported in mid-April that problems fitting a battery into the iPhone 6 casing would delay its release. The Apple partners CRN spoke with, however, said that even if there were a problem shrinking a battery to fit into a thin casing, Apple would just increase the thickness of the device. The third-generation iPad actually was thicker than the previous versions for that same reason.

Michael Oh, CEO of Tech Superpowers, an Apple partner based in Boston, said he believes that sales won’t dip even if the iPhone 6 is delayed because consumers will still want the smaller 4.7-inch model of Apple’s newest smartphone, which is expected to be released around the same time.

“If Apple does delay the larger size until after the holidays, it won’t be as big of an impact as people think,” Oh said. “They don’t have phones in the larger size now, but they are still selling their phones pretty darn well. People are going to be clamoring for the new thing, and a new iPhone will generate tremendous sales for them. The people who would differentiate on it will either wait or they would have already bought a Samsung device.”

Despite what’s being reported, the solution providers CRN spoke with still believe both models of the iPhone 6 will be released this fall before the holiday shopping season kicks off.

“It’s not normal for Apple to have a delay like that, so it’d be kind of surprising,” said Douglas Grosfield, president and CEO of Xylotek Solutions, an Ontario-based solution provider. “There are a few big players in the tech world that everybody loves to talk about, and Apple is probably the most exciting one. It’s an amazing story to be told. Many people do have a tendency to try and create some interest and some excitement.”


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