Dell Launches Windows 10 Device Preorder Program, HP Stays Pat With Windows 10 Ready Plan

Dell is making its Windows 10 move early -- accepting preorders in the U.S. for consumer devices that will be outfitted with the eagerly anticipated new operating system.

HP, for its part, has decided to stick with its "Journey to Windows 10" plan to make its entire 2015 portfolio "Windows 10 ready" rather than accepting preorders.

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Dell Global Marketing Vice President Allison Dew said in a blog post that customers in the U.S. can now preorder select Dell devices with Windows 10 which will ship July 29 -- "the big day that Microsoft releases its new operating system." That means that Dell customers will have their Windows 10 systems in their hands as early as July 30, said Dew.

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Dell said the preorder program is aimed at its consumer Inspiron and XPS lines.

Dew said "thousands of engineering hours and unprecedented collaboration" have resulted in new functionality on Dell devices, including support for Intel RealSense 3-D cameras that will power facial recognition software to securely log in to systems.

What's more, Dell has collaborated with Microsoft to enable enhanced touch-enabled functionality with Microsoft Continuum.

HP, for its part, has worked hand in hand with Microsoft to assure customers can be "very confident" buying HP systems now knowing that the upgrade to Windows 10 will be a no-sweat operation, said HP Vice President of Customer Experience Mike Nash in an interview with CRN.

"When the customer is ready four nanoseconds after July 29 or a month later, whatever works for them, they can go to Windows 10 and know that things are going to be cool," said Nash, a former 19-year Microsoft veteran who once was responsible for overseeing Windows platform strategy.

"In other spaces like cellphones and tablets, people are used to buying the hardware they want now and knowing that when the new version of the device software comes out, they can just upgrade and it is a pretty sweat-less experience. If you need a PC now, go buy one. If you need a new PC in September, buy one in September, but don't feel like you have to wait until exactly July 29 to buy a computer. We are going to make sure it is an easy experience."

Nash said he feels "very good' about the HP Windows 10 optimization plan and upgrade experience for customers because of the long hours the HP and Microsoft teams have spent together. "I literally live five miles from Microsoft," he said.

Dell's move to get out of the gate early with a preorder program for consumer-based systems is a "smart move," said Bob Venero, CEO of Holbrook, N.Y.-based solution provider Future Tech, No. 232 on the CRN 2015 Solution Provider 500.

As for Windows 10 business systems, Venero said he expects Dell to introduce Windows 10 SKUs across the entire Dell line that will be available for solution providers to preorder before the July 29 Windows 10 ship date.

"Earlier access to Windows 10 SKUs means increased sales pipeline for Windows 10 devices," he said. "It's smart to be able to preorder Windows 10 systems. For those organizations that are going to be early adopters on Windows 10, it's an excellent business opportunity to support our customer base."