Review: Sennheiser MB 660 Wireless Headset Could Keep You Sane In The Office

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Maximizing your productivity in the office is all about striking a balance. You've got to be able to tune everything out and concentrate one minute, then tune back in the next to interact with a colleague.

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Wearing noise-canceling headphones might seem like a way to help with the concentration part--until you realize you're having to pull them off every time someone comes over to ask a question.

With all of that in mind, at the CRN Test Center, we're fans of the new wireless noise-canceling Sennheiser MB 660 headset, and it is not the noise-canceling functions that have us so enthused. We were really impressed with the headset's the ability to quickly let us tune back in and hear what' going on around us. Upon seeing that someone wants to talk to you—or that something is going on in the office that you want to hear—you can just double tap on the right earphone of the MB 660, which serves as a touchpad. The double tap halts the noise canceling function and lets you hear the surrounding sounds clearly.

In our tryout, this was just one of the many cool features of Sennheiser's new headset, which seems to deliver on its promise of making the workplace a little easier and more productive.

Another key feature is that noise cancellation itself has some smarts to it; the headset adjusts to the level of ambient noise that's happening around you.

When listening to audio, we also liked that the headset lets you adjust the volume easily with an upward or downward swipe on the right earphone.

The sound quality is terrific, meanwhile, and the headset includes a number of "effect modes" that can be deployed depending on what you're listening to (whether it be music or talking, for instance).

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