Watch Apple CEO Tim Cook Slam Android On Stage At Cisco Live

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Apple CEO Tim Cook surprised the 28,000 in attendance at Cisco Live this week by his appearance on stage with Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins, and he used the occasion to take a jab at rival Android.

Cook was on stage with Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins discussing the two companies partnership around cybersecurity and the potential of reducing security insurance costs.

"We know that there's a lot of people buying cybersecurity insurance. This market itself is getting heated up and as you can guess it's difficult to conclude how to price this because the firms have to assess the vulnerabilities and the risks and so forth," said Cook. 

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"But the thinking that we share here, is that the if your enterprise or your company is using Cisco and Apple, that the combination of these should make that insurance cost significantly less for you than it would if you were using some other personal network side and the other operating system in the mobile area," he said.

The crowd's reaction was noteworthy. Watch the video (above) to hear it for yourself.

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