CRN Test Center: Why I Didn't Wait For The iPhone X

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I got my Apple iPhone 8 a few days ago, and so far I have no regrets about not waiting for the iPhone X.

I wasn't ready to give up the home button and Touch ID. When you do something a thousand times a day, adding steps to the process is a big drag on time. And that's what Apple seems to be doing with the Face ID and swiping gesture that will be required to access an iPhone X.

On the other hand, the iPhone 8 is exactly what I expected.

Coming from the iPhone 6S, the iPhone 8 gives a major boost to battery life. And wireless charging is a great addition. Popping the phone down on a charging pad rather than fumbling for a cord is a quality of life upgrade.

I like the glass back design, though it doesn't stand out as much on my Space Gray model.

The new True Tone Display is a nice feature too. It's subtle, but the colors do pop a bit more on the iPhone 8 thanks to the True Tone feature.

And I've got no complaints on performance with the device. It's just as speedy and smooth to use as you'd expect from an iPhone.

Yes, the display is a lot smaller than the iPhone X and isn't OLED. But I'd prefer to wait for Apple to work out the kinks with the new design, and hopefully re-consider the removal of the home button and Touch ID. I'm happy to wait for generation two.

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