BoB 2017 Roundtable: Channel Execs Discuss Recurring Revenue, Expanding Wallet Share And The Ideal Partner

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BoB 2017

What's your ideal solution provider that you want to partner with?

Vignone: We are about building long-standing relationships. Engagement is key for us. Because we're 100 percent channel-friendly, we don't sign up everybody and anybody. We want to make sure it's not only a fit for your organization, but also ourselves. We will invest time, effort, training and marketing support if you'll do the same with us, to help drive business and capture more customers and demand.

Taylor: We'll take transactional revenue all day, but at the end of the day we're looking for mutual partnership where you're looking to put messaging in front of your end customer that's intriguing about how the experience is changing and the visual world of everything they do. Or how mobility is moving and how mobility is a practice, whether it's a purpose-built device or utilization of a mobile phone within their business.

I coach our teams to make sure we've got that alignment to the sales organization. We want to make sure we're going to market with the right partners that can deliver their own services attachment. Sound organizations with about a 60-40, 70-30 balance of hardware to services delivery. We want to make sure we have partners that allow us to scale at the market segmentation we're focused on. We want to get as much as we give.

What is your next challenge in business, and how can partners prepare for that challenge?

Bove: My code is my biggest challenge. In the security space, it's not rocket science: the bad actors are focusing on breaches, leveraging vulnerabilities, NSA toolkits. We don't know what we're up against until we're up against it. My goal is to ensure we've got a channel supporting our go-to-market that can help us drive to our corporate goals and expand our customer base.

Taylor: IT's back-end market awareness. Our reliance on you not only for your salesforce but also your demand-gen engines that help create messaging around the visual market and how much it's changing. The commercial visual market as one example is a $2 billion business today, and forecasted to grow potentially up to $4 billion in three years. That's a huge piece of opportunity. A lot of companies don't understand the difference between commercial and consumer, or the application. We need your to help deliver that message.

Vignone: Continue to innovate yourselves. Products you might have been looking at and leveraging five, 10 years ago may not work in today's environment. These adversaries are providing ransomware-as-a-service now. You need to continue to have a layered approach, look at best of breed solutions and look at partners that can provide that full end-to-end security that fit well within your customer base.

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