The 2018 Mobility 100


As new generations of workers contribute a larger and larger portion of the workforce, the nature of work is only getting more mobilized.

That has as much to do with millennials' work styles as it does with current preferences around computing devices: smartphones, 2-in-1 tablets and highly portable laptops are increasingly where employee productivity is taking place.

All of this means that businesses must be equipped with the right know-how around mobile hardware, device management solutions, security, software and services.

Businesses that want to fully embrace mobile, meanwhile, will want to be using a best-of-breed mobile app development platform for their internal and customer-facing mobile app needs.

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In all of these areas, businesses are looking to mobility-savvy solution providers to show the way.

Enter the CRN Mobility 100, the definitive list of the top mobile hardware, security and device management, software and service, and mobile app development platform vendors in the market today.

The 2018 Mobility 100 is divided into four categories, each aimed at helping solution providers easily navigate the mobile landscape and identify the vendor offerings that best fit the needs of their customers' environments.

30 Coolest Mobile Hardware Vendors
Here are the top 30 vendors of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, along with makers of mobile device components and accessories.

30 Coolest Mobile Security And Device Management Vendors
Here are the top 30 security vendors focused on mobile threats to enterprises, along with the leading providers of mobile device management offerings.

25 Coolest Mobile Software And Service Vendors
Here are the top 25 vendors focused on mobile software for enterprises, along with the leading providers of mobile services.

15 Coolest Mobile App Development Platforms
Here are the top 15 vendors focused on offering innovative platforms for development of business mobile apps.