5 Big Apple Releases: ‘Peek Performance’ Event Will Accelerate Intel Divorce

CRN previews the 2022 leaks for Apple’s ‘Peek Performance’ event, including rumors of an iPhone 14 and the iPad Air 5.


Apple has finally announced its long-rumored spring event: “Peek Performance,” which will stream March 8 at 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET on the company website, its YouTube channel and on the Apple TV app.

Apple in many ways has defined the way we consume product news. Images of the late Steve Jobs sauntering around an empty stage with his trademark black turtleneck and jean ensemble is forever burnt into our collective hard drive.

Past springtime events gave us news of iPad lineup changes, colorful 24-inch iMacs, iPhone updates and upgrades, and even previews of new services, like Apple TV+, Apple News, Apple Arcade, Apply Card and Apple Play.

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Michael Oh, president of Cambridge Mass.-based TSP IT services, looks forward to the periodic preview events – especially with Apple now developing its own silicon chips. “That transition from Intel – they are just knocking out of the park with the new chips. I think that’s the most exciting change happening. And Apple is trying to make that change as seamless as possible.”

This year, CRN previews the 2022 leaks (which have become more and more reliable with each release):

iPhone 14…

The iPhone 14 is the most anticipated release in years and has everyone holding their breath. You should exhale, because word has it that the latest, greatest iPhone upgrade won’t be released until this fall. We’re sure it will be worth the wait.

27-Inch iMac With In-House Chip

It felt like Apple was leaving us hanging when it announced M1 chips would replace Intel chips in its MacBook Pro lineup and 24-inch iMacs. Plenty of pro users yearned for those blistering speeds on their larger desktop units.

Your patience may soon be rewarded with M1 Pro and M1 Max chip options for the top-of-the-line 27-inch iMac (or, should we say iMac Pro?). The jury is still out on the name change, but specs are becoming more clear, with reports showing the machine will hold a miniLED display with ProMotion technology.

The First Appearance Of The Intel-Busting M2

Apple shocked the industry when it announced it would form a relationship with Windows darling Intel – transitioning to Intel-based machines starting in 2006. The unlikely marriage lasted until Apple announced it would develop its own ARM-based processors. Those first chips, the M1 Pro and M1 Max lived up to the hype with huge performance gains (and a few compatibility issues that were quickly addressed).

Enter the M2: If the loud whispers are correct, Apple will announce an upgraded entry-level MacBook Pro and a redesigned MacBook Air – both featuring the M2 chip. The M2 will be faster than the M1 (though not as fast as the M1 Pro and Max). But the change means Intel’s days are almost over – at least inside of Apple machines.

The MacBook Pro will replace the current 13-inch MacBook Pro sold alongside the 2021 lineup. It will be a bare-bones model, lacking the Touch Bar, miniLED display or Promotion technology of its Pro siblings.

The MacBook Air is due for a redesign, but opinions are split over whether or not that will be announced this at this week’s event. In any case, the rumor mill has it that the now models will come in a variety of colors much like the 24-inch iMacs.

iPad Air 5

Vloggers, bloggers and Twitter chatter has Apple releasing a 5th generation iPad Air with the A15 processor, 5G, four speakers instead of the usual 2, and Center Stage support for video chats. Expect support for 1080p video at 25fps and 30fps. The Air will also sport the standard wide- and ultra-wide-angle lenses a la iPhone 13.

iPhone SE 3

The entry-level 3rd generation iPhone SE will have to quench fans’ thirst for a new iPhone for a while. This affordable unit will get the familiar $399 price tag, but two big upgrades: 5G capabilities and a better processor. Analysts think this release could drop remaining stock of iPhone SE 2 down to a wallet-pleasing $199. Perfect for those pesky teenagers begging for a new phone!