HP’s Alex Cho Spotlights Next-Gen Work-From-Home Solutions

‘As many of you know, we have been on this mission of the ‘Office of The Future,’ we just didn’t realize the future was going to happen so quickly.’

With many non-essential U.S. employees now working from home, many customers are seeking modern updates to their home office setups.

In an interview with CRNtv, Alex Cho, president of personal systems at HP Inc., said the Palo Alto, Calif.-based company is accelerating its focus on creating products to keep people connected, productive and secure.

“As many of you know, we have been on this mission of the ‘Office of The Future,’ we just didn’t realize the future was going to happen so quickly, and now we’re very much about the ‘Home of The Future,’” said Cho.

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Hallmarks Of The Home Office Of The Future

Displays and accessories are “very” important “to keep [people] really immersed,” he said.

“Things that enable them to do videoconferencing, displays to keep them productive, also printing in the home, printing is a very important part of work and school, and so enabling them to have access to that is job No. 1.”

In response to the current trend of people using multiple spaces in their house, Cho told CRN, “We’re also offering best practices on not just how to get connected, but how do you be productive.”

An example he said is the HP ZCentral portfolio that “allows you to have access to your workstations but being remote, so that you have all the power of your workstations but accessed remotely, so that you have the ability to be productive, safe in your home, and still able to be as engaged in your work as possible.”

Solid Lineup

“They’re very deep in their lineup of products from laptops, desktops and monitors and not to mention printers,” said Rick Chernick, CEO of Green Bay, Wis.-based solution provider Camera Corner Connecting Point. “The print at home, a lot of people didn’t have a printer that they needed for home and we were selling as many printers as we could find too.”

From a security standpoint, Chernick told CRN that “if you’re buying the machines from HP, they will protect your customer at home, which is so important.”

“The product is so solid, and it makes you feel so secure when you sell it to a customer, especially with the security features that they build into their machines. Many of the competitors don’t offer some of the things that they do offer,” he added.

As for transitioning his own staff to work from home, Chernick, who grinned from ear-to-ear while sharing his love for his workplace, said it might have taken him a little more time to adjust than his employees.

“I’m very much an owner who just loves to see their people hanging out together, loving each other, helping each other, caring more about their personal life than others, and so when we had to send them home it was kind of a different twist for me, more so than them,” said Chernick. “And I’ve got to tell you that our engineers did a great job, and we got people up and running at home with no problem.”

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