Jamf Bolsters Apple Patch Management Solutions With Mondada Acquisition

The Apple enterprise management firm is acquiring the small Australian company to enhance its Jamf Pro offering.


Jamf on Wednesday announced an agreement to acquire Apple patch management solutions firm Mondada to help improve macOS security.

The news comes amid the virtual JNUC 2020 (Jamf Nation User Conference) this week--which has also included other announcements such as a closer tie-in of Jamf’s solutions with Microsoft Enterprise Mobility and Security.

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Founded in 2009, Mondada employs five and is based in Melbourne, Australia, and its patch management solutions already integrate with the flagship Jamf offering in Apple device management, Jamf Pro. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Mondada’s solutions, Kinobi and Kinobi Pro, automate macOS application monitoring and maintenance. The solutions extend Jamf Pro’s patch management “to include all Mac applications within an environment,” Jamf said in a news release.

“Together, we will be able to save critical time for IT by streamlining the work required to maintain or update applications on macOS and provide additional visibility for compliance and compatibility while maintaining a seamless end-user experience,” said Jamf CTO Jason Wudi in the release.

Minneapolis-based Jamf completed its initial public offering in July. Jamf CEO Dean Hager previously told CRN that the IPO shows that “we are a unique and strong company for channel partners to work with.”