2014 Auto Show: Dashboard Touchscreens Sleeker Than Ever

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The 2014 New England Auto Show displayed a plethora of the smartest cars CRN has seen to date, with streamlined touchscreens on most dashboards.

Unlike on previous models, the Cadillac User Experience (CUE) has a dashboard that looks and acts much like an up-to-date tablet. Where older touchscreens appeared to be a few years behind tablets, drivers can now tap and swipe the CUE touchscreen the same way they would any iPad. And, the voice recognition system was developed by Nuance, the same company responsible for Siri.

BMW is focusing on getting closer to the dream of self-driving vehicles, showing cars with smart-stop technology. Drivers can now program their BMW to follow cars at a particular distance in traffic and automatically stop before any fender-benders. BMW is also employing a rain-detecting windshield that alerts brakes to slippery conditions.

Other trends at the auto show included personal "favorite" memory programming for music, navigation and climate control.


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