VARs Say Sales Of Tablets, Smartphones Higher Than Ever

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Recent numbers may show a slowdown in tablet sales, but that's not what solution providers say they’re seeing. In a recent roundtable discussion, they say the demand for devices is greater than ever before.

"What's happening is that people are just buying more," said Richard Trahant, president of Land Computer. "They're saying, 'I need a tablet, I need a smartphone, I need a PC.' So it's actually working great."

"It's not one device or another device, people are just buying more of them," said Jay Shah, vice president at Compu-Tech.

Roundtable participants agreed that customers are looking for more enterprise, productivity-focused tablets. "They need a keyboard; they want to work," Said Microcosm owner Jeanette Movsesian.

The increased use of tablets for productivity has also bolstered cloud demand, participants said, because most storage from tablets goes into the cloud. "That's where [Office] 365 comes in," said PCG President and CEO Dave Hodgon.

Solution providers agreed that "the desktop is still king" and that although the number of devices-per-individual has increased, they typically still only charge per user. They also agreed that the XP end-of-support deadline in April spurred a rush of new PC purchases.


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