5 Knock-Out Products From CES Unveiled

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Loads of products come out of CES every year, but how many of them actually solve problems in daily life? CRN found a few products at the opening night of CES 2015 that are pretty useful.

There was only one company with drones on display at the CES Unveiled event, but the applications for video were evident. DJI’s line of drones, mounted with GoPro cameras, provide a low-cost solution for videographers looking for soaring shots on a budget.

Home networking provider D-Link showed off its newest router, a "beast" of a gadget that promises to support an entire family’s Wi-Fi multitasking. Ecovent also rode the automated home trend, providing an energy-smart, cost-saving temperature control system of connected sensors and vents.

For drivers, Escort pitched its new Passport Max2 radar detector, which links to an Escort Live App and provides real-time information on everything from where speed traps may be to the location of red light cameras. Drone Mobile also provided a product for cars, a smartphone-enabled remote-start and security product that mounts beneath a car’s dashboard.


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