Breaking News: Apple Watch Takes On Wearables Market

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Apple’s first-generation iPad hit markets almost exactly five years ago today, turning the tablet market on its head. Despite some initial backlash against the iPad, the tablet market exploded and upended PC and laptop shipments as well.

The Apple Watch will be generally available April 24, the company said Monday, and Apple fans hope the device will have a similar impact on the sluggish wearables market that iPad had on tablets.

"That really shaped the tablet market," CRN Assistant Editor Lindsey O’Donnell said, on CRNtv. "[Partners] are saying the same thing about the wearables market in general."

Power players like Samsung and LG have tried to push the envelope in the smartwatch space, but O’Donnell said, "The whole market will basically change because of the Apple Watch."

CEO Tim Cook showed off multiple watch faces and bands, including an 18-Karat gold version that will reportedly retail for $10,000. When asked whether anyone would spend that amount of money on the watch, O’Donnell said, “I think that you might be surprised. I think that some people will.”

The Apple Watch will be available for pre-order starting April 10 with prices starting at $349.


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