Super-Innovative Devices On Display At CES Unveiled 2017

The annual product frenzy at CES Unveiled had tech companies exhibiting some incredibly innovative gadgets.

Smart Remote from SevenHugs is the ’first remote control for everything,’ according to SevenHugs’ Matthew Brown.

’It can control any Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or infrared device in your home. The real magic is that with a buttonless, touch-screen remote, you can just point at whatever device you want to control,’ Brown said.

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With a new line of keyboards outfitted for Microsoft Surface devices, Brydge Global looks to expand further into the business productivity space.

’It brings a full laptop-like experience to the Surface,’ said Brydge Global’s Nicholas Smith. ’It gives the customer that traditional, laptop-like feel.’

Activ 5 from Activbody is a connected strength-training product. The palm-sized device offers a ’full-body, muscle workout,’ according to Leo Griffin of Activbody.

The device guides users through isometric training and connects to the Activbody app, which tracks workouts and progress.

From France comes a home-care platform targeted at connecting and enriching the elderly through a ’facial and vocal recognition’ home robot, Cutii.