CES 2017: LG Debuts New Home Robots

The Internet of Things in the home is not just about smart appliances and thermostats -- it's also about robots that family members interact with, LG executives said during their CES 2017 press conference Wednesday .

The company unveiled four new robots, led by the Hub Robot, a small robot powered partly by Amazon Alexa that can follow verbal commands and show information on its display.

It's especially made for controlling other devices in the smart home, such as the air conditioner and dryer, and it can respond to commands with its own body language (such as nodding its head).

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LG also debuted the Lawn Mowing Robot, which is able to cut grass safely thanks to its mapping technology, as well as two robots for use in airports -- the Airport Guide Robot and the Airport Cleaning Robot.

"LG is certainly leading the way to the IoT future," said Dave VanderWaal, vice president of marketing for home appliances at LG.