IoT Products Take Center Stage At CES 2017

The internet of things (IoT) dominated CES 2017, with exhibitors offering everything from connected pillows to hairbrushes.

Wearhaus showed off stylish connected headphones that let consumers share music with others.

"These are Bluetooth headphones that let you sync up your audio with other people around you," said Wearhaus’ Richie Zeng. "So you could be walking around listening to music, and if you wanted to share a song with your friends, with a quick swipe on the touch controls, you would be able to broadcast your audio."

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Luxury hair care line Kerastase showed off "the very first connected brush."

The brush promises to "measure the brushing quality" and give the user personalized data on the health of their hair.

Sleepace showcased the Sleep Dot, which is "a little piece of monitoring that is attached to your pillow," according to Sleepace’s Howard Borenstein.

"It’ll recognize your movement and your sleep cycles," he added. The device syncs up with a free app to let users review and track sleep quality.

Hubble Connected introduced Huge, a smart home camera that features Amazon Alexa integration.

"So you can ask Hugo to do all kinds of things, whether it’s, 'Play my favorite music,' whether it’s 'Play my news,'" said Frank Durden of Hubble Connected.

Hugo can also recognize facial expressions and recommend services based on that information.