HP Sprout Creator Demos Second-Gen HP Sprout Pro

HP upgraded its all-in-one computer and desktop 3-D scanning line, Sprout, with its new second-generation Sprout Pro.

HP Sprout creator and inventor Brad Short demonstrated the new Sprout Pro to CRNtv at CES 2017 in Las Vegas.

’There are some really cool features and improvements that we’ve added – dual screen, touch screen, I can now move windows back and forth [between the two screens], [and a] high-definition touch mat,’ Short said.

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HP Sprout Pro features 1 TB of storage and runs Windows 10.

Short also demonstrated a new form of 3-D scanning available with Sprout Pro.

’3-D scanning now is just like taking video,’ he said. ’I see the video preview, I put it in the circle, I start scanning, and I immediately see the object being built up in 3-D.’

’This is a brand-new and unique feature of HP Sprout,’ he added.