The Strangest Scenes From CES 2017

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Virtual reality, robots and drones – there's never a dull moment at the Consumer Electronics Show, and 2017's event offered plenty of weird scenes for attendees to take in.

Polaroid wins for the strangest booth exhibit. It assembled a giant tree-house carousel with chimps dressed as people using its Cube cameras – an extremely creepy sight.

Sharper Image's massage parlor attracted a slew of folks looking to kick off their shoes and receive a variety of body-specific massaging tools. The booth offered hand massagers, head massagers, and full-body massage pods that rotated up and down with users inside.

It's hard to look normal when doing anything in virtual reality, but fighting someone in a virtual landscape appears particularly strange to onlookers. Samsung offered attendees to chance to battle with an opponent through its virtual headsets.

Virtual reality also came in the form of several driving simulations from Ford and others, and some were better executed than others.

One particularly strange offering was to let attendees "meet themselves in art." A computer used facial recognition to match a user's features to features in a historic painting – and the results were not always flattering.

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