CRN Test Center: Dell XPS 13 Vs. Lenovo Yoga 910 For Best New Commuter Laptop

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The lines are blurring between work and home computing, and these stylish new laptops from Dell and Lenovo are prime examples.

Dell's updated XPS 13 and the new Lenovo Yoga 910 both have plenty to love, whether you're using them for home or work.

Which one is the better fit for you? Here's our quick breakdown on how they stack up.

The Yoga 910 has a slightly larger display at 13.9 inches versus 13.3 inches with the XPS 13. Both have options for very pretty high-res touch screens. The XPS 13 has a non-touch-screen option too.

Both laptops have speedy processors from Intel, the latest seventh-gen Core I processors.

And both are highly portable at about six-tenths of an inch thick and about 3 pounds apiece.

One key difference is on battery life. The XPS 13 without a touch screen got an impressive 10 hours of battery life in our test. The Yoga 910 gave us seven hours, though that's still pretty good for a touch-screen laptop.

Another drawback for the Yoga 910 is that the keyboard has the Shift key in a weird place on the right-hand side, which gave us some typing headaches in our test.

On the plus side, the Yoga 910 has a 360-degree folding display for lots of flexibility. It's worth noting, though, that Dell just this month put out a convertible version of the XPS 13.

All in al, the Yoga 910 and XPS 13 are two of the best laptops that have come out in the past few months, and either one could be a major productivity and entertainment machine.

However, thanks to the strong battery life and properly organized keyboard, our pick would be the non-touch version of the XPS 13.

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