Flood Warning: Intel's Krzanich Says VR Will Create 'Incredible' Amounts Of Data

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While companies like Microsoft and Samsung rush to develop and acquire innovative hardware for virtual and augmented reality, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich has shifted focus to the massive amounts of data virtual reality software creates.

“Today, we’re seeing incredible amounts of [virtual reality] content,” said Krzanich, who focused his entire press conference at CES 2017 on virtual reality.

“But there’s a unique thing about content in this kind of an experience, and that is that it creates incredible, incredible amounts of data,” he said.

Krzanich referenced an estimate that by 2020 the average person will generate “about 1.5 Gigabytes a day of data” through various forms of creation, from email to social media.

Intel has developed 360 Replay, which offers a 360-degree view of sporting matches using 38 HD digital cameras set up on fields and courts.

“This system generates 2 Terabytes a minute – 2 Terabytes a minute,” Krzanich said. “Two thousand times the amount of data the average person generates, this thing generates every minute.”

The high amount of data output from virtual technology content could make VR more relevant to other big data adjacent technologies, like the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, he said.

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