Augmented Reality Startup Deskfruit Livens Up Office Desks

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Augmented reality startup Deskfruit wants to replace the paperweights on office desks with something a little more creative: a wooden object that creates augmented reality experiences on smartphones.

“Deskfruit is a company that is building real-world, sculptural objects that are paired with augmented reality games and scenes,” said Deskfruit creator Teddy Mathias.

The Deskfruit object itself has no technology, but when the user points the Deskfruit mobile app at the wooden half-sphere, it “comes to life,” Mathias said.

Through the app, the user can play games like the class ball maze, as well as access experiences like a campfire.

“The goal is that while people are engaging with it, they have the kind of feeling and the kind of pleasure that you get from staring at campfire,” Mathias said.

Deskfruit games include Tree Dog Hill, a simple but attractive game that allows users to interact with virtual dogs on their desks.

Deskfruit is currently in beta mode an available for iOS via TestFlight. Android accessibility is in the works, according to Deskfruit’s website.

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