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Mobility Minute: The Convenience Of 2-in-1 Devices Is Key For Vertical Markets

Morgan Healey

New research from IDC shows the B2B, 2-in-1 PC market will be eight times larger by 2020.

The appeal is that a 2-in-1 PC can turn from a laptop to a tablet in a matter of seconds.

For solution providers, that type of flexibility is a key selling point for customers with a mobile workforce in markets such as corporate finance, retail and health care.

Jennifer Langan, Samsung's director of mobile computing marketing, has seen an increased demand for 2-in-1 systems firsthand, especially since new models like the Galaxy Book have a Intel Core i5 CPU, 8 GB of memory and 256 GB of storage.

"What we really start to hear is that it really ties into who we call a 'highly mobile professional,' who is always on the go," said Langan.

The convenience factor helps cut across vertical markets, for example, in corportate finance, there's a strong desire for 2-in-1s among groups like mobile sales, mobile wealth advisors and even executives.

For industries like health care, professionals need to move effortlessly between data entry and collaboration with patients.

"Lastly, in retail, it’s actually the store manager that’s our best target user. That’s someone who has to migrate seamlessly between back office and front office applications. And going back and forth between PC mode and tablet mode is going to be very important," said Langan.

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