Mobility Minute: Incorporating Wearables In The Health Care Space

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CRNtv recently spoke with Luis Alvarez, President and CEO of Alvarez Technology Group, about implementing wearables in the health care space.

“We have a clinic that serves primarily the low-income community in central California, and they’re looking for a way to communicate with their staff. The challenge that they have is trying to get information to those folks as they move around and go room to room,” said Alvarez.

Alvarez Technology Group wants to work with the clinic to deploy wearables for other methods of communication, such as keeping track of patient schedules in addition to filing updates and alerts. Currently, the company is evaluating a number of different forms of wearable technology to determine which is the best fit for their proposed solution.

“We’re also working with some cloud providers to give us the back-end services that we’re going to need,” said Alvarez.

Throughout the process, Alvarez Technology Group will need to tie in all of the new devices to the existing systems at the clinic, linking each user with electronic medical records and the built in notification systems.

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