Mobility Minute: Mobile Computing And Getting The Right Device To The Right User

There are just so many mobile computing devices available for today’s worker, matching the right device to the right user can be complex. From notebooks to convertibles and detachables and plain old tablets, and from Windows to Android to the Chrome OS, each mobile computing device brings unique pros and cons.

So how do you advise a customer which to choose for their employees?

’What used to be a relatively straightforward process around specs and device size and things like that has become much more complex, but where there’s complexity, there’s opportunity,’ said Jennifer Langan, Director of Mobile Computing Product Marketing at Samsung. ’Specific customers are now buying a diverse portfolio of devices in order to serve their end-user needs.’

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For example, notebooks are a great tool for solution providers to offer knowledge workers who spend most of their time at a desk. Those who travel frequently will prefer 2-in-1’s, like Samsung’s Galaxy Book. Task workers, who are on the go and need access to a few key apps, are ideal candidates for tablets, like Samsung’s Galaxy Tab.

And, for those business users who primarily utilize cloud-based applications or are G-Suite users, try offering Chromebooks Plus or Pro.

’What they’re looking for is a solution that’s going to make them more productive. It’s going to help them be more successful in their business,’ said Langan.

She adds: ’We highly recommend Samsung Business Academy. It’s a great resource to learn all about the latest technology, market trends, but also customer specific examples. A lot of useful information that they can then use to help their customers find the right solution.’