Mobility Minute: A Custom Mobile Solution Made Easy

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In today's ever-changing technology landscape, customization is key - especially when it comes to the tools found at the fingertips of mobile business users in the U.S.

"When people think customize they immediately think about throwing a case or an accessory on," said Jon Wong, director of mobile product marketing at Samsung. "But what we mean is going beyond that and actually customizing the feature functionality and capabilities of the smartphone or the tablet to meet very specific business needs."

Three common examples of customization in the workplace include company-specific devices supplied by the employer, tablet kiosks, and employee devices that have been locked down.

"We have a great new tool called Knox Configure which basically allows a customer to do things like configure the look and feel of the device, the background, the wallpaper, what apps are pre-loaded and what apps can be installed," said Wong. "They can do that all in a cloud-based portal, and once they have that profile, they can actually just send that out to all of the devices they want to customize."

According to a recent Forrester Research study, companies that use a customized Knox solution will find that is has a 164 percent ROI overall, with a payback period of only two months.

As businesses look to move away from proprietary hardware to leverage tablets and mobile devices, they're going to need channel partners to create custom solutions. For partners, this can create an easy and cost-effective way to meet customer's needs.

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