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Mobility Minute: Public Safety Offers Growth Opportunities for Mobile-Focused Solution Providers

CRN Staff

Law enforcement is one of the verticals where mobile technology can have the greatest impact. But adoption has been slow.

Most police departments are still relying on in-car notebooks and police radios, opening up on opportunity for solution providers to market a new way for police officers to keep their feet on the street.

Smartphones and wearables, paired with new mobile computer-aided dispatch apps, are two of the options you should offer your clients.

"As we do that, we have to focus on the key three principles for the officer, which is time savings and efficiency, safety and intelligence," Scott MacDonald of Tritech Software Systems told CRN.

MacDonald says mobile devices help improve officers' access to critical information and alerts when they are outside of their vehicles.

In the police vehicle, new solutions like Samsung DeX could eventually replace the ruggedized notebook too.

"We spend between $6,000 and $10,000 per car, and if you can eliminate that piece, it’s a huge cost savings," said Scot Haug, Police Chief of City of Post Falls, Idaho.

Effectively transitioning your public safety customers to a mobile offering means you need to demonstrate high levels of device security, especially if they are accessing national law enforcement databases. Another key is providing efficient workflows, so officers have more time to protect and serve.

That's where Samsung's DeX can help.

"DeX has really opened up the opportunity for us to provide and improved work flow for the officer, whether they’re in the precinct, in the vehicle or out on the street," said Jan Ruderman, public safety practice leader at Samsung.

Dale Stockton, a retired police captain and public safety technology consultant, agrees. "Now, you’ve no longer anchored the officer to the car," said Stockton. "Keep in mind, most police leaders, now, are saying get out of the car and engage with the public."

Samsung is partnering with leading public safety software partners to bring these new, innovative mobile solutions to the public safety market.

And remember, you can add your own packages and solutions to offers to make additional margins.

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