Mobility Minute: Why Mobile Security Solutions Are Critical For Winning Customers in FSI

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You've heard it a million times from your customers, security is a top concern when considering a mobile initiative.

And for finance firms, it's even more crucial, as they're dealing with both sensitive company and customers that is subject to compliance requirements.

Therefore, for finance IT teams, BYOD can be a real headache.

"The biggest challenge they face today is that more and more of their employees are bringing their personal phones into the office and actually into the overall work infrastructure," said Reg Jones, director of solutions for financial services at Samsung.

The financial services industry also presents a huge opportunity for solution providers. But the challenge for solution providers is to help clients protect the business data that's going onto employee's mobile devices, while accepting that they'll continue to also download personal apps.

"That’s actually why Samsung created the Knox platform, to create continuity of security all the way from the chip set to the transmission of the data," said Jones.

Knox offers data separation solutions, like Knox Workspace, that protects financial firm's data while allowing users to still get the full value from their devices.

"Imagine the need to protect both sensitive customer information as well as financial information in the markets," said Jones. "Imagine a scenario in which you need to protect the phone against malware."

Knox can offer that protection to your customers, in addition to the ability for a device to be remotely wiped if it's lost. 

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